Someone told me an interesting story about a man he encountered in Yerushalayim who must have been an angel from Heaven or perhaps Eliyahu Hanavi. Everyone he met, no matter how depressed or anguished, immediately broke into a smile.

How did he have that effect on people?

It was partly his warm heart and winning personality, but perhaps even more, it was his readiness to do everything in his power, and more, to help others. Widows, orphans, troubled families, estranged children, no challenge was too great for him. He put in hours and hours of work with no prospects for a reward other than the smiles on the face of the people he helped.

When he passed away in his early forties, he left a void in the hearts of the people of Yerushalayim that cannot easily be filled. Many people wept openly in the streets when his funeral procession passed.

This man’s name was Eliyahu Kletzkin, and I am his son Mordechai. I had a wonderful childhood. My family had no great expectations, but we had everything we needed. Most of all, we had the great gift of a marvelous father who worked hard to provide for all our needs and who filled every day with joy. And now I am engaged to be married, three weeks away from my wedding day. Now I am one of those needy orphans my father used to take under his wings, an orphan whose widowed mother cannot supply the basic needs of a wedding.

I respectfully request from you a tax-deductible contribution of at least $180 in the memory of my great father. I will pray for you under the chupah. I will also pray that, just as you will have come to the assistance of my father’s family of 9 yesomim and an almana, he will come to your assistance and be a meilitz yosher for you and your family before the beis din shel maalah for whatever you need.

May we all share simchos in good health and good fortune.

With blessings,

Mordechai Kletzkin


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