Keren Rabinowitz #10023-31

Help Yanky gain his life back and get out of his quarantine!



Yanky was once a regular child, but at the age of five he fell on his head onto a hard surface.
Since then he suffers from brain damage and is wheelchair bound, with severe epilepsy and muscular dystrophy.
He needs to be carried everywhere, he cannot speak, and needs constant supervision. This situation is severely limiting their ability of his parents to provide parnossa for the other 12 children in the family.

The Israeli insurance only pays for part of Yanky’s care, but he still needs therapists and medications that are not included in the the Israeli National Insurance benefits.

Yanky is now 15 years old, and too old to be carried around, yet he cannot carry himself.
They live on the third floor, and any trip outside involves many complications, like to carrying him or the wheelchair down 3 floors.
As a result, Yanky does not get sufficient outdoor time as the kids his age, and does not communication with others to help him develop as a child is suposed to.

The apartment they live in is very small, and wheeling a wheelchair through the narrow doorways is extremely difficult.
Therefore Yanky spends most of his hours in his bedroom without much interaction with others and very little outdoor time.

Currently Yanky is physically and mentally, imprisoned behind his limitations.
We cannot watch this special neshomo and the entire family collapse this way.
We need to raise a sum of $103,000 to pay for renovations to their apartment and to build an elevator for him, as well as purchase a specialized computer with eye tracking software that will allow Yanky to communicate with others.

Rav Shmuel Eliezer Stern Shlita sends this special message: Whoever assists this special family for their yeshua, will merit great brachos and success in Ruchniyus and Parnossa.

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