The eitza of Rav Chaim’s son in law – צדקה תציל

Your segula for bracha and shmira is צדקה תציל!

Rav Chaim Kanievsky SHLITA Gives Psak Halacha” All Who Save One Who’s Life Is In Danger Will Be Protected From Danger!

We need 530 people (gematria תציל) to SAVE someone from the family of Rav Chaim!

Rebbi Yitzchok Kolodetzky, Rav Chaim’s son in law is crying out to the tzibbur to strengthen yourself during these difficult days and make yourself ready for a yeshuo gedolah.
Anyone who helps, nefesh tachas nefesh, and gives $199 (gematria צדקה) iy”H this will pass over him immediately!

Rebbi Yitzchok Kolodetzky will immediately bring these names to Rav Chaim Immediately.

{If you donated $199 (for one person) or more please send your name to [email protected] or at the bottom of this page}

In times of trouble, our first instinct is to reach out to Rav Chaim Kanievsky שליט”א, the undisputed tzaddik and gadol hador, to ask for his berachos and reassurance that all will be well. Rav Chaim is there for all of Klal Yisrael. He asks for nothing in return. But what if a grave problem arises in Rav Chaim’s personal life? Shouldn’t we be there for him? Shouldn’t we help him in any way we can?

Many years ago, Rav Chaim advised one of his close relatives to go to a certain city and open a yeshivah. The young man opened the yeshivah and was very successful. He devoted his efforts to teaching Torah, and he also took upon his shoulders the financial burdens. He and his family were content with a life of material simplicity and spiritual wealth.

The years passed. The young man, who was now a middle-aged marbitz Torah with a large and growing family, found that even a simple life could lead to the accumulation of a staggering personal debt. The pressure of paying creditors became so great that there was not enough money left for even the most basic needs of the family. Regardless of the difficulty, the man was reluctant to impose on Rav Chaim and ask for his help. He did not want to disturb him.

But then the final blow fell. The family was on the verge of losing its home and being put out into the street. The family was literally falling apart. The mother became gravely ill, and many of the children also developed serious health issues because of the unbearable pressures.  With nowhere to turn, the man ran to Rav Chaim, who was sitting with a Gemara, absorbed in his learning. Rav Chaim saw his relative’s face and recoiled in shock. “What happened?” he wanted to know. The man poured out the pain in his heart, and Rav Chaim almost wept with frustration. “Your pain is my pain,” Rav Chaim cried out. “I will help you.”

As soon as the man left, Rav Chaim called in his son-in-law and daughter Rav and Rebbetzin Kolodetsky. “We have to do something,” he said with deep agitation. “He’s our relative, and he’s done so much for the Torah. We owe him our help. We have to pray for this family who are suffering so much, and we have to ask people for their prayers and support. I know that people have many commitments. It’s not easy. But we have to ask them to give more than they can. Hashem will repay them!

By Rav Chaim’s instructions, Rav and Rebbetzin established a special fund for their dear relatives, and they are personally conducting the campaign for their relief.

And so we appeal to you in the name of our gadol hador. Please open your hearts to this wonderful family who are in such dire need. Your generous support will relieve their suffering. And it will relieve the suffering of our beloved Rav Chaim and bring a smile to his holy face.

How often can we do something for Rav Chaim personally, something to bring gladness into his heart? Please take advantage of this rare opportunity. The zchus is enormous.

“Your pain is my pain,” Rav Chaim cried out.

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