Kimche Dpische “Chasdei Pinchas” – Spinke #10200/

ע”ש ולע”נ הרה”צ ר’ פנחס רוזנבוים ב”ר בניימין ביינוש זצ”ל


The Spinka Rebbe is promising פדיון נפש!

Please donate  package for a special ברכה from the Rebbe to shield yourself from the Coronavirus!

Reb Yaakov’s family is pleasing to you! He is hospitalized with COVID-19, while the wedding of his 9th son is planned for next month.

This family is one of many that חסדי פנחס is taking care of.

When this case was brought to the Rebbe he was heard saying

“I will protect the donors!”

Everyone knows the קמחא דפסחא ״חסדי פנחס״

in Bnei Brak of מוסדות ספינקא.
Every year we have the Zchus of providing all the basic Pesach needs.
This year too, though it will be a much greater distribution.

The critical situation has came to the point where many of our usual donors are now the receivers, which means this time we need a special appeal.

With the guidance of the Rebbe we are now undergoing a massive campaign, where the Rebbe is personally involve in every step.
The Rebbe is pleading: please donate a family package  or what ever you can!

Small families package (4 persons): 220$
Regular families package (7 persons): 416$

When donating a package, your name will be given to the Rebbe for a Bracha and Tefilah (please fill out your name down below).

UPDATE: in light of this crises, the Rebbe has agreed that one who donates a large family package ($1,074 or 358 × 3) will be Zoche to a direct phone call from the Gaboim so he can speak to the Rebbe to receive a special Bracha and Tefilah (please fill out your name and number below).


בתפילה שנזכה לאכול מן הזבחים ומן הפסחים בביאת גואל צדק במהרה בימינו.
בברכת יישר כח! הנהלת קופת קמחא דפסחא חסדי פנחס.

Checks can be made out to: World of Tzedaka.

Mail: P.o Box 1003, Lakewood NJ 08701
Please specify FOR Kimche Dpische “Chasdei Pinchas” – Spinke #10200/

For Zelle / PayPal: [email protected]
Please specify FOR Kimche Dpische “Chasdei Pinchas” – Spinke #10200/

For campaign: Kimche Dpische “Chasdei Pinchas” – Spinke #10200/

Donate by:

‘World Of Tzedaka’, previously ’Tomchei Tzedaka Corp’, changed its name as per the guidance of Lakewood’s Posek, Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer shlit”a, to avoid confusion with similarly-named organizations.