מוסדות “מבקשי השם” בני ברק



The Rebbe, Harav HaTzaddik Usher Yisroel Lissauer Shlit”a founded Mevakshei Hashem in a pursuit to save struggling bochurim from falling into the streets of Bnai Brak. The Rebbe’s unique background, being born and raised in Manhattan to traditional parents, and his challenges to set out on a journey that leaded him to become a Talmid Chochom in all chelkei HaTorah, fluent in Yiddish, Hebrew as well as English, gave him the experience and the capability to help Bochurim in need of support. The success of the Rebbe is unbelievable, when broken parents come in with a smile and thank the Rebbe for the support and encouragement that he gives for these young potential gedolei Yisroel. The Rebbe says that every Bochur can succeed, because the Torah of Hashem is for every Jew, and even one that works for a living, can be very precious to Hashem. Many young teenagers went through drastic changes and were saved even from the streets of Tel Aviv after leaving the Yeshiva premises and the Beis Midrash in Bnai Brak continues to thrive giving chizuk and care for every Jewish soul from any background without discrimination.


The Beish Hamidrash is located on Rechov Kehilloth Yaakov 63 in Bnei Brak. Daily Tefillos Shiurim, and chaburos for Bochurim and Avreichim bring to the Beis Medrash a rich spiritual atmosphere. Renowned speakers and Mashpiim come from time to time, to give shmusen and shiurim. Every Thursday night there is a special “zitz” with the Rebbe where the Rebbe plays niggunim on a guitar and speaks words of inspiration. Shabbos with the Rebbe is an experience that people wait on throughout the entire week, and the Tish on Friday night has a crowd of around 100 people from all ages and backgrounds. The Davening is performed with great intensity and at the highlight, the incredible Divrei Torah that are said usually with tears, at Seudah Shlishis. After Havdollah in Beis Midrash, the bocurim return to Yeshiva, excited for the coming Shabbos by the Rebbe.
The costs for rent, upkeep, electric bills, food, and peulos for the Bochurim that includes trips to kivrei Tzaddikim, and live music for special occasions like Chanukah Purim and Lag Baomer comes out to an average of $10,000 per month. The Rebbe struggles with his own family with three small children for basic needs, and leads the Bais Midrash with great mesirus nefesh (sacrifice.)


The Rebbe of Mevakshei Hashem, Rabbi Usher Yisroel Lissauer Shlit”a, is New York born and raised, in his teenage years he grew up by various Tzaddikim, as his parents were of a weaker Jewish influence. The Rebbe learned in various well known and prestigious Yeshivos and Kollelim. Among them, Yeshivas Chemdas HaTorah in Lakewood headed by Rosh Hayeshiva, Hagaon Rabbi Moshe Pruzansky Shlit”a, and later in Yeshivas Chazon Nachum in Beni Brak headed by Rosh Hayshiva Hagaon Rabbi Tzvi Katz Shlit”a. After the Rebbe’s marriage at the age of twenty, to the daughter of Rabbi Yehuda Aharon Vider in Bnai Brak, the Rebbe continued to learn in Kollel Horaa’h Komarna, and later in the esteemed Yeshivas Hamekubalim Divrei Shalom, where the Rebbe continues to learn until today under the renowned Mekubal Rabbi Yechezkel Bing Shlit”a.


The Rebbe’s inspiring divrei Torah are composed of classic Chassidishe Seforim, with a deep emphasis on the chelek ha’sod, where the Rebbe explains the Torah secrets in a Chassidic style, translated in Avodas Hashem. This is in addition to life lessons that the Rebbe reveals from the words of the Rishonim and Divrei Chazal that make the Torah interesting to Jews of all backgrounds and styles of learning.
The Rebbe’s Rebbe is the Lelover Rebbe of America, Harav Hakodosh Rabbi Dovid Biderman of Lelov Shlit”a, who supports and blesses the success of the Rebbe constantly for the good of Klal Yisroel. The Lelover Rebbe is regular in praising the tremendous Kiddush Hashem that Chaburas Mevakshei Hashem causes in Bnei Brak, and in the entire Eretz Yisroel.
Hamlatzos and Brachos: There is a Hamlotzah of Gaavad Zichron Meir Hagaon Rabbi Chaim Meir Halevi Vozner Shlit”a, Hagaon Rabbi Yitzchak Tuviah Weiss Shlit”a Gaavad Yerushalyim, Hagaon Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Shtern Shlit”a, Hamekubal Harav Yechezkel Bing Shlit”a, and more. The Chaburah of Mevakshei Hashem was blessed with Brachos from numerous Gedolei Yisroel including, the Skulener Rebbe Ztz’l, Hagaon Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Shlit”a, the Skulener Rebbe Shlit”a, the Rachmastrivka Rebbe of America Shlit”a, the Tzaddik Rabbi David Abuchatzira Shlit”a, and many more.

The Rebbe’s heartfelt Brochah to all of the supporters:
“Whoever takes part in helping our chaburah exist and strive will be zocheh Be’Ezras Hashem, to Bonei, Chayei, and Mezonei Revichei, and the zechus horabim will protect from all damage and pain and will bring

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