“I DON’T REMEMBER IF I EVER MET AN INDIVIDUAL WHO SUFFERS AS MUCH AS MR. EITAN YAIR!” – Rabbi Mordechai Aderet Shlit”a of Kehillas ‘Bet Eliyahu’, Great Neck NY

Hi, my name is Eitan Yair. I am pouring my heart out to you today, as I am at the end of a road full of pain and sorrow.

There is insufficient space on this page to elaborate what I went through! There are no words that can fully describe my horrific situation!

I grew up on the streets of Israel, literally. With no father no mother, no family no friends, no school no education. Just living on the street at the mercy of occasional good hearted people.

In the 1990s I joined the IDF which gave me a shelter and a safe environment. My military service ended in 1997 when I was severely injured and lost my hand during the ‘Lebanon conflict’. Since then I am an IDF disabled veteran.

I pulled through, and with Hashem’s help I managed to get married and have 3 children.




Again, my luck did not favor me. All my 3 children have physical and mental disabilities. I have been taking care of them 24/7 while I was disabled my self. I could not work, and I fell into an immense financial distress.

In 2014 my dear wife passed away after battling Cancer. I was beyond devastated! I WAS LEFT ALONE AGAIN! Without my wife, and with endless bills! My life was upside down, and I WAS CRUSHED!

I was left with no real income, besides some disability income and benefits, which many of them I am still fighting out in court.

I am fighting for survival since! What keeps me going are my children. I have to stay around for them! EVERYTHING I AM DOING NOW IS FOR MY CHILDREN!

PLEASE! Help me get through all of this! Help me to be able to provide to my children what they need!

I am currently in the US, and cannot go back to my home in Israel empty handed!

Please see what the Rabbonim who know me say about my terrible situation.

PLEASE OPEN YOUR HEART! And donate generously. YOU WILL BE SAVING the life of a simple Yid!

May Hashem repay you with endless Bracha and Hatzlacha in your life!

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