The mother of 11 children has fallen ill with Machala and now the family needs your help!


Every child counts on the comfort and care that they get from their mother. It is not replaceable by anyone else. The young children of the Shamai family are not so fortunate as their mother is very ill and unable to care for them. Her and her husband had to travel to the US for her to have surgery and treatments. The young children at home didn’t have a mother or father to tuck them in at night, feed them their daily meals, hear about their day at school, or comfort them when they woke up in the middle of the night. Once they returned to Yerushalayim, it didn’t get much better. The mother is bed ridden and can barely speak. The children can walk by her bed to wish her a great day in the morning, but not much more than that.

They can’t afford to put bread on the table and their Rabanim have classified it as true Pikuach Nefesh!

Rabbi Uri Shamai Shlita, is the father of a 13 member household living in Yerushalayim. He has had the Zechus of marrying off 5 of his children while still providing for the rest of his family. Unfortunately, his Aishes Chayil was diagnosed with a throat Machala and she recently had a major surgery in the USA. The procedure included an implantation in the Larynx to reduce swelling and help her continue to speak. This threw their fragile financial stability into a disastrous Matziv. It has come to the point that he can’t afford to put bread on the table.

Their family is in a very rough Tekufah and they need you to be Nosei B’Ol Chaveiro!
As a result, Rabbi Uri has not been able to leave the house to try to raise funds as he is busy caring for his wife and children. As such, his son Rabbi Natan Shamai Shlita, has taken on the challenge of raising money upon himself. Rabbi Natan is now in the US with the sole purpose of raising money to help his family survive this very rough Tekufah. This case has been elevated to the status of Pikuach Nefesh by the guiding Rabbanim.
In the Zechus of helping the Shamai family, may all your Tefillos be answered L’Tova and may all of the Brachos that are promised by the Rabbanim be Chal.

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