Revivim Alei Deshe

Their vegetable factory was destroyed by Hamas…now they need your help to rebuild it!


We all want to have a helping hand in Israel’s recovery…let’s start by helping it’s civilians get back to work!

The Hamas attack on October 7th has resulted in unspeakable loss on many different levels. One such loss has had a great impact on the Israeli agriculture and economy in the region. It was the destruction of Revivim Alei Deshe, a farming plant that has a factory and many greenhouses on it. They raise, process, and distribute vegetables to many big chain stores in Israel.
Revivim Alei Deshe has been in business for over 30 years and currently has 120 employees. In addition to losing their facilities and equipment, their security guard was killed. All their activities were brought to a screeching halt. To make matters worse, they lost a crucial irrigation system causing “400 dunams of crops to simply dry up.”
Now the owners await government help while the entire staff have no income. This leaves them in a desperate situation. They are reaching out to Klal Yisroel to help get them back on their feet and restart their business. Your donation will be used to restore their facilities and buy equipment to replace all of their equipment that was destroyed.
There is an opportunity to grab a great Zechus of feeding so many Yidden! In this Zechus, may you always have Parnassa, Gezunt, and food on your table.

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‘World Of Tzedaka’, previously ’Tomchei Tzedaka Corp’, changed its name as per the guidance of Lakewood’s Posek, Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer shlit”a, to avoid confusion with similarly-named organizations.