A cry from my heart to yours – Rachmanim bnei Rachmanim!
It is known that Hashem calls upon those who give with an open hand.
Please! Spare a moment and hear my request emanating from the depths, a plea to cease the tears of a large family, bli ayin hara.
The last time I was in Lakewood to collect funds was more than ten years ago. B”H with the help I recieved, I was able to buy a van and make an honorable living as a driver, transporting people to the mekomos hakedoshim, to rabbonim and admorim, as well as to and from the airport.
Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic has closed off travel from many parts of the world and greatly hampered my source of parnassah. Throughout the difficulties, I have tried to be patient, telling myself that perhaps things will get better – until now. Now my situation has become dire: my children and household literally hunger for bread and I have no means to support them!
Baruch HaShem, within the past year and a half, we were zoche to marry off 2 of our children, leMazel Tov and b’shaa tova umutzlachas. Also, some of my children have special needs that require hiring private professional teachers for them. This is all in addition to large debts and obligations that I have become entangled in, against my will.
Thave managed to borrow money and undertake this trip, traveling away from my home, birthplace and family to tearfully ask for your generous assistance.

My children and wife beg me to return back to them already. I ask you to contemplate my dire situation. Please assist me as much as possible so that I can return to my loved ones, try to find a new job and b’ezras HaShem, support my family.
May you be saved from all types of trouble and in the zechus of your generosity, may you be zoche to all your heart’s wishes l’tova Amen!
Hoping for Yeshuas HaShem,

Shimon ben HaRav Hatzadik,
who was moser nefesh for chesed, Rav Sender Spigel

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‘World Of Tzedaka’, previously ’Tomchei Tzedaka Corp’, changed its name as per the guidance of Lakewood’s Posek, Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer shlit”a, to avoid confusion with similarly-named organizations.