Save the young Widow and her children! Help them have a normal life!

We’re asking you to join the 1000 people who are pledging $200 so we can reach the $200,000 goal we need


Yair, was battling cancer for 3 years before he passed away.
He left behind a young widow and her orphans.
Already during his sickness, it was not easy for his kids to see their father suffering, and it was not easy for his wife to care for him 24/7 while running the household alone, and keeping up with all the medical expenses.
Now, these kids won’t see their father again! They won’t go with him to Shul anymore! They won’t sing with him by the Shabbos table, or do homework with him ever again!
After he passed away, it took a while until his wife was able to get back to work, and continue life, while raising her kids by her self and caring for them on her own!
And by the end of every exhausting day, she is alone again with no one there to share what she is going through.
By helping this widow and her children, you are giving them the tools they need to grow.
You are relieving a widow from the tress she is going through.
She cannot be worried about tuition or about Yom Tov expenses!
She cannot do this on her own with out your support!
By opening your heart and helping, you are giving them life!

Check you can make out to: Tomchei Tzedaka corp.

Mail: P.o Box 1003, Lakewood NJ 08701


Checks can be made out to: World of Tzedaka.

Mail: P.o Box 1003, Lakewood NJ 08701
Please specify FOR THE DIMENTMAN FAMILY #10163

For Zelle / PayPal: [email protected]
Please specify FOR THE DIMENTMAN FAMILY #10163

For campaign: THE DIMENTMAN FAMILY #10163

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‘World Of Tzedaka’, previously ’Tomchei Tzedaka Corp’, changed its name as per the guidance of Lakewood’s Posek, Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer shlit”a, to avoid confusion with similarly-named organizations.