Reb B C: From Helping Troubled Youth to Being Helpless, He Needs Your Support!


Lying Helpless, Dreaming Hopeful: Reb B C’s Plea for Your Compassion

Reb B C needs your help! After losing all his money and support, he is held down by a long list of health issues that is topped off with a broken hand. We spoke to him as he was lying in his bed unable to move. Laying there stewing in all of the financial burden that sits on his chest like an elephant. All he can do now is Daven, worry, and reach out to you, Acheinu Bais Yisroel. Hear his cry and don’t let him down!
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Reb B C became a Baal Teshuva at the age of 19 and forged a strong connection with the Bressler Chasidim. Coming from the secular world made him objective enough to recognize the troubled young boys in his neighborhood that were going down the wrong path. This motivated him to take action.

Facing a Mountain of Challenges: Reb B C’s Struggle for Survival

He reached out to various schools and organizations for support and assistance. One organization he connected with was based in the United States. He started an organization to help troubled kids and eventually opened a Yeshiva for them. The Yeshiva had Talmidim from grades 1 to 8. It began with only 7 Talmidim but grew to almost 200. Unfortunately, the government of Israel shut down the Yeshiva.

As a result, he lost all his money and sources of income, except for a few supportive friends. On top of that, he is now facing health problems, including diabetes, back pain, and difficulty walking. Just recently, he had a fall and broke his hand, which requires expensive rehabilitation.

Baruch Hashem, he is also in the Parsha of marrying off children, which is a great expense unto itself for each of the four children’s Chasunas. The heavy weight of Chasuna expenses also diminishes his health and increases his stress.

Please lend a helping hand to this Tzadik so he can get back on his feet. We hope that Hashem will answer all his Tefilos and grant him a positive outcome. May Hashem be Mimaleh Kol Mishalos Libecha L’Tova!

Your donation of just $220 can make a world of difference in saving Reb B C. Please lend a helping hand today and help alleviate his financial and health burdens. Every contribution counts! Donate now and be the ray of hope in his life

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Please specify FOR THE REB B C FUND #11

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