A Yiddish mother that is a great Baalas Chesed is suffering from a debilitating neurological condition and she desperately needs your help!


I suffer from a rare neurological condition which ONLY AFFECTS ABOUT 3 OUT OF EVERY 100,000 PEOPLE A YEAR. This condition is extremely painful and debilitating to such a degree, that it is called the “suicide diagnosis” (due to the hi frequency of pain, and constant momentum of the attacks). Besides my physical suffering, I am pained by the suffering that this causes my children.


As I am unable to have an income at present, and have depleted just about all my resources, due to the severity of my neurological condition.

My days are spent going back and forth to the hospital for very arduous treatments (with multiple injections into my brain under sedation), getting refills of my prescriptions, as my condition and Treatments are not fully covered my national insurance.

If I can raise $60,000, it will help ensure that I can continue to access this literally life-saving treatment, I cannot live without, and eradicate the worry, that comes with not being able to access this life changing treatment that’s available for my condition. As debilitating as my condition is, this Treatment is vital to improving and lengthening the days of my life, sadly, this treatment is not fully covered by national insurance, due to it only affecting about 3 out of 100,000 people a year.

As I await for Bituach Leumi’  (the Israel’s national insurance institute) to complete my disability status, which can and is a long process, in itself as we as a country, are in the process of recovering and rebuilding the lost time incurred by the numerous closures and lockdowns.

These factors have played a role in the Governmental delays, with processing of many areas being managed.


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‘World Of Tzedaka’, previously ’Tomchei Tzedaka Corp’, changed its name as per the guidance of Lakewood’s Posek, Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer shlit”a, to avoid confusion with similarly-named organizations.