Thirty years ago, our second child, a precious daughter, was born, and it changed our lives, She was born missing a thumb on each hand. One arm, missing a vital bone, is shorter than another. She has serious problems with her back, as well as a defect in her heart, and systemic problems. Soon after she was born, she had an operation on her hand, and three more within her first four months. After a year, I took her out of Eretz Yisroel for further treatment, and while we were there, I had a mental breakdown, in the form of depression.
Returning to Eretz Yisroel I learned a trade, but was only able to work part-time, We had four more children after her and I have reached the point in the past year where it is impossible for me to work. My daughter needs constant assistance, 24/7, and I have fallen into deep debt.
The stress was too much our marriage, and ten years ago my wife and I divorced. All of this has caused further stress to our children, and my two youngest daughters are in need of psychological treatment, I have no money to pay for it, but I can’t sit and watch them fall into bad mental states, so I have fallen even further into debt. I live in a storage room, and I worry about everything: My $100,000 debt, my disabled daughter, my two young daughters, and now the shidduchim for my other children.
What will I do? I have no choice, as difficult as it is for me, but to travel and to ask my fellow Jews, compassionate and generous, for help so that we will be able to see light in our situation. My disabled daughter can have the best life possible. Her mind is very good, very sharp. My two youngest daughters can be healthy and my other children can be married and start fine Jewish homes. They are people of Yiras Shamyim and Ahavas Torah, and with help they can have good lives.
Please help! You will truly be turning darkness into light and creating Jewish families, Jewish worlds, true homes among the Jewish people.
Thank you very much, from the bottom of our hearts, and wishing you many brochas for your great mitzvah.
Yedidya Barak
Bnai Brak

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