YEHUDA LEIB #10167-21

The orphan Chosson is pleading for your help! No father no mother!



Yehuda Laib Chain was born to his holy parents who came up to Eretz Yisrael from Yemen.
They were Tzadikim and were very close to the Ashlag Rebbes. They suffered tremendously coming up to Eretz Yisrael.
And even after, their home was constantly under heavy financial stress, and they were lacking basic and minimal household items on a daily basis.

When Yehuda Laib reached Shidduchim age, he went through many painful struggles, and for years there were no Shidduchim redd to him at all.

10 years ago his mother passed away, and just months later his father passed away too.
Yehuda Laib was devastated, he is the youngest in his family and was left home alone with no father and no mother!
He had to take care of him self for many years, and rented a 1 bedroom apartment where he lived in extreme poverty.

All these years he continued his עבודת הקודש sitting and Learning all day, and got minimal support from the few people he knew, who opened up their heart to this great Mitzvah opportunity.
He was forced to borrow money in order to continue his life, and year by year he accumulated debt which by now is far out of his reach.

With Hashem’s help he found his Shidduch a few days ago, a girl who came a long way to become a Ba’alas Teshuva.
Needless to say that she does not have any financial support from her family, and its all his shoulders now.
All the wedding expenses, the clothing, the new household expenses etc. are now the responsibility of this orphan who is getting married soon.

This Chosson does not have a father or mother, Hashem is now his only father, and therefore we are all considered his brothers.
Your help will contribute directly to his upcoming wedding so the new couple can begin their new life together knowing they are not alone.
Please open your heart to help this orphan Chosson and his special Kallah.

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