My name is Ronit Levy.

I am addressing you concerning a young woman, Yael Friedman, aged 22 who has been diagnosed with complicated epilepsy since she was 8 years old.

I am a close friend of Yael’s mother, Liat, and accordingly I have witnessed the harsh and extremely painful experience Yael has been going through in her short life.

Yael has gone through three brain surgeries here in Israel, which have not been successful.

About a year ago, due to extreme deterioration in her health, Yael went through a lifesaving brain surgery in Cleveland clinic in the USA and, Baruch Hashem, her condition began to improve.

The doctors in Cleveland gave clear instructions to continue neurological treatment in Israel as well as rehabilitation in order to prevent regression in Yael’s condition and to ensure her recovery.

In spite of the Friedman’s family great efforts to bring this about, more than a year after the surgery in Cleveland, Yael is still untreated and this takes a toll on her health condition; on top of this, she stays in her room all day, lonely, sad and depressed and has no sense of meaning in her life I turn to anyone who can assist the family in rehabilitating Yael and giving her the needed treatment for her recovery and quality of life.

תזכו למצוות

Thank you very much,

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