Reb Nochum Bergman’s grandson is begging us for help

Dear Chaverim, I don’t know if you are of the right age, or you remember the days, that you learned Yisroel. But my grandfather was Reb Nochum Bergman of Batei Ungarin, a well-known person in Yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel, where many bochurim ate Seudos on Shabbos and basked in his Yerushalmi warmth.

He never left Eretz Yisroel in his life, but I, his grandson, do not have this privilege. live in Modiin Ilit, where I learn in Kollel and eventually opened my own Kollel with much success. I wrote a few Seforim, some of which you may have seen, and life was good.

All this was until I started to marry off my children. I married off one daughter, thinking that would tighten my belt and pull through. It didn’t work. The debts on my shoulders are unimaginable, and the banks do not stop bothering me. The bailiffs are already at my door, and I am in danger of losing my apartment.

Now my second daughter is engaged, and I have no idea how I will manage this again, when the first isn’t over.

Could you please come to my assistance and give me a generous donation to cover my debts? You would be a partner in marrying off a Yid in Eretz Yisroel and setting up a family and future generations.

In this merit, may you and yours be blessed with bracha, success and happiness for all of your lives. May you never know any pain or worry, and you should see nachas from forever.

Thank you so much 

Yisroel Asher Berlin 

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