With “siyato dishmayo “ the holy in situation of “torath hakarbonos” has been active for over ten years preparing “ klal Yisroel “ for the long awaited coming of “ moshiach” and building of the “ beis hamikdash” by means of learning and knowing the laws of the “ beis hamikdash” and it’s ‘korbonos’,
Over the years we have thank hashem merited to establish ‘kollelim’ and ‘yeshivas bein hazmanim’ for learning the laws by ‘beis hamikdosh’.

Our talmidim have edited tens and tens of ‘seforim’,
Pamphlet of the laws of “beis hamikdash” also a monthly paper,
Pamphlet of the laws and and instructions to ‘kohanim’ and levyim pamphlet of illustrations and disc’s ,
Illustration and bringing home distinctly the worship of the kohanim is actually thank hashem we have caused an immense revolution in learning the subject of “beis hamikdosh” trough out “eretz Yisroel” ,
It’s known the holy “chofetz chaim zatzal” aroused most immensely on this subject.

He wrote many letters requiring us to prepare our selfs in learning these laws of ‘avodas beis hamikdosh’ anticipating the final redemption in order to show the ‘aibishter” how much we are yearning and waiting for “ moshiach” ,
So does the “chofetz chaim “ write when the “aibishter” will build us our long awaited “ beis hamikdosh” millions of yiden from the world over will cross the ocean to come to “eretz Yisroel “to the “ beis hamikdosh” ,
They will then be required to bring a “korban toda” and if “chas veshulem” we will be ignoramus in the laws of “korbonos” what a shame and disgrace will it be to “klal Yisroel “ if the “kohanim” wont know how to do the “avoda” .

There for as we are so close to moshiach , it is upon us to help “shevet levy” the legion of the “aibishter” they should be alert and prepared and versed in all the laws of “avodas hakorbonos” .

Through this we will be “zocha” to “Eliyahu Hanavi” and “Moshiach Zidkenu” very very soon in our days .
“Harav Kanavsky shlita gedoley Yisroel meron”
“harav gershon edilshtien shlita “
Harav dovid khoen shlita “
Give us in all our activities . they call in there letter to support our holy work which surely bring “moshiach “as the “chofetz chaim “writes (torah or chapter) hastening the redemption depends on studying the laws of the “korbonos”.
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Many thanks and appreciations the institution of torath hakorbonos .

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