Let’s dream together of Chesed which will become reality immediately with G-D’s help and your partnership
In the nearest future Yad L’Yesom plans to put up The Warm Home
Children will be welcomed by the House Mother
Children will acquire emotional aid
Children will receive a hot meal prepared by a professional cook
Children will go about their activities with a personal big brother or sister privately assigned to them
The Warm Home is a center for out of town families which provides for their families year around

Check you can make out to: Tomchei Tzedaka corp.

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PLEASE SPECIFY FOR “Yad LYesom #10195”

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PLEASE SPECIFY FOR “Yad LYesom #10195”

Yad LYesom #10195

Checks can be made out to: World of Tzedaka.

Mail: P.o Box 1003, Lakewood NJ 08701
Please specify FOR Yad LYesom #10195

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Please specify FOR Yad LYesom #10195

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‘World Of Tzedaka’, previously ’Tomchei Tzedaka Corp’, changed its name as per the guidance of Lakewood’s Posek, Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer shlit”a, to avoid confusion with similarly-named organizations.